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Unit Features

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    ASC’s freshwater-making system does not require an external water source to produce clean water. It can also be driven by waste and renewable energy. The principle idea of ASC’s technology is removing water from air, and then using salt solution to bring about antibacterial effects. Therefore, it does not require complex filtration devices (such as reverse osmosis). Subsequently, it saves on follow-up maintenance and operating costs. Aqua Sciences provides you with the best choice of water source solution wherever water shortage and pollution pose problems.
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    ASC’s freshwater-making system is able to provide drinking water for 2,000-5,000 people per day based on Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) standards, as people typically drink 0.5-1 gallon per day, and more than 100,000 gallons of water per day can be produced for industrial purposes (378,500 liters/ set).
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    Freshwater produced by Aqua Science’s freshwater-making system does not require additional chemical disinfection. You can enjoy high-quality clean water through unique environmental sterilization management system and three steps of filtration devices. Water produced is of higher quality than required by the WHO, EPA, FEMA, and the US Military.

Atmospheric Water Generation

ASC is a freshwater-making and water purification system that operates stably even in low humidity, compared to unsatisfactory operation of traditional refrigeration systems under the same conditions. Our portable water-making equipment uses safe and nontoxic natural salt materials. It is able to take naturally-occurring moisture from air even in harsh geographical and weather conditions such as Arabian deserts, natural disaster zones, and troops and bases. ASC’s revolutionary technology can effectively extract water from air under any kind of environmental conditions. Our breakthrough patented technology has been tested by an independent institution and proven to meet the excellent and stable level of potable water quality set by the WHO.
ASC atmospheric water obtainment and water purification systems solutions, addressing the shortcomings of the traditional market of frozen fresh water system which cannot be mechanically stably operating under low humidity conditions.


  • • The unit is designed for disaster relief and on-site water production under harsh conditions. Water can be produced using the enclosed self-sustaining unit without additional power or fuel for up to one week, yielding up to 2,600 gallons of water per day. The unit shell also meets specifications for standard shipping, allowing cost-effective deployment.
  • • ASC’s highly mobile military units are designed to endure harsh conditions, and the shell is optimized for rapid deployment and movement. Aqua Sciences is committed to reducing military loads by producing water for soldiers wherever they may be stationed.

Produce Water Even in the Most Adverse Conditions