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ASC’s financial performance and continued manufacturing growth during difficult economic periods are unparalleled. Coupled with a strong balance sheet, ASC is well-positioned for further significant growth. The products and services we offer are extensive and continue to expand complementarily. Investment in state-of-the-art technology, process improvement, and employee skills have allowed us to grow in existing markets and expand into new ones.

We provide “Experience You Can Trust”—people, processes, and technology combine to provide outstanding value for customers. ASC excels at turnkey manufacturing, and we work closely with our customers to design products and implement solutions to maximize consistency of the manufacturing process at the lowest cost. Trust ASC as your supply chain partner!


"ASC makes things simple, our visions and strategies are aligned and that brings the ultimate synergies to our relationship" (OEM Customer)

Employee Shareholder

"ASC values its employee shareholders, we all understand the goals and we all strive to continuously exceed them to ensure the success of our company for the years to come." (ASC Employee Shareholder)


"ASC's responsiveness, service, and performance are the reasons we rely on ASC to be our supply chain partner

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Demand for industrial dehumidification can be traced back to print drying processes in the 1910s. In the 1930s American General Corporation, Dr. Russel Bichowsky, proposed to develop a large-capacity dehumidifying technology with extensive industrial applications. Decades later, drying and dehumidification now play important roles in industrial processes, biotechnological and medical development, and commercial buildings despite contributing immensely to energy consumption.



In 1984, Professor James R. Beckman of Arizona State University and technical expert Mr. Walter F. Albers discovered a breakthrough technology through a series of salt solutions and mass and heat transfer tests along with Dewvaporation experiments (desalination technology) belonging to the United States Department of Energy. This technology aimed to increase efficiency by at least 40%-70% compared to traditional dehumidification designs.



It is thus our pleasure to introduce ASC, which has 27 years of experience in high efficiency dehumidification technology. It can be easily applied to industrial processes and commercial environments to provide low-cost green technology with long lifecycles. We also provide innovative and sustainable added value for your products and services.